Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Renaissance Festival, Minneapolis

André and Evian, the pages.
ZzaZza - has been going to the Minneapolis Renaissance Festival for 30 years!
Marcello too, 30 years at the Ren Fest. I saw them and my hand instinctively reached out as I followed them behind the scenes to their trailer, begging to let me draw them. Marcello got ready for his close up.
Beaumonde was a great model - I told him: "Look bored." He did this so well!
These were favorites at the Ren Fest - unbelievable costumes and outsize, fabulous personalities. My favorite Divas of all time and I've lived in San Francisco for 16 years total so I've seen myself some Divas. Love you Marcello, Beaumonde, ZzaZza, André, and Evian!

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