Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Eric, Tei, Lute player, Lucky, & Signy

Eric had a leather patch for a badge that said "Concierge" and his job was to shoo you out the right door from the Renaissance Festival. I drew him at the request of a lass - I won't say who - who wanted me to send her my drawing of him, but not tell him that. "Are you still feeling creative?" she asked.
Tei was simply talking to friends but I loved the black sleeves and the shape they made with her black hair and dainty parasol.
The guitar player didn't really want to be drawn, even though I asked permission. He dipped his head out of view. Some guy behind me was all excited and kept saying, "Wow, that's really good!" - "Fantastic!" - "Wonderful, wonderful!" As I was about to turn and take my bows, he rushed over to the musician and had a long conversation about how much he loved his music. Oh, well. I went ahead and bought his CD.
Lucky was a patient Labrador, and his little scribble of a friend next to him on the leash was a tired little Yorkie.
Signy goes to Kansas State and was scheduled, nervously, for her first job modeling nude for an art class the following week. I told her not to worry, everyone will be very professional after the first few gasps.

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